SMART SCHOOL1 Manage data for all or each student2 Option to communicate with all the students or individually4
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Useful Tools For Parents and Teachers

Get instant push notifications View news and events details in school View marks and exam schedule, Check home work details, Track attendance Analyse, extra curricular activities, Check time table, Get event notification Request, leave View and syllabus details

Parent's Usage

Samrt school is a Mobile application which helps parents to get in touch with their child's day to day activities in school.

Teacher's Usage

Manage data for all or each student Access data through smart phone or tablet app or Website using REST api. Easily import data of students in the class monthly, annually etc.


It makes data entry easy as teachers can easily enter data for students using tablet. They can opt for web interface if tablet or smartphone is not accessible.


  • Accounts

    Displays complete profile of the student including photo, parent details, class teacher details, address and emergency contact number.

  • News Feed

    Shows Popular and Various types of information, it is increasing the knowledge of the students

  • Exams and Marks

    Gives the information about the examinations and corresponding marks of each subject,this helps the parents to know the academic growth of their childrens.

  • Co-curricular Activities

    It shows instant alerts on any circular/notice from school, so it gives the relevent informations for parents,teachers and students .

  • Time Table

    Displays the subjects, time and teachers for each subjects,so students and teachers can prepare the subjects for each day .

  • Fee Details

    Parents can see the complete fee information including fee payable, payment status and dues for different fee types.

  • Attendance

    Instant notification and detailed view of the student attendance in the current academic year including presents, absentees and leaves.

Helping Parents & Teachers To Get Better Details

This is an all in one solution for schools to keep track of the data of students.

  • Time Management

    The Teachers can manage student's time for the completion of their studies according to the syllabus.

  • Parent's Overview

    The Smart school provides the more facilities for increamenting the ralationships between the parents and childs

  • Helps & Support

    The Smart school is also supporting the parents and teachers for geting the complete details about students.

  • Personality Development

    According to the daily practices of all students, the student's personality will be automaticaly developing

  • Data Storage & Security

    The Smart School using cloud for data storage which ensure data security and scalability. Only admin can monitor data.

  • Social impact

    Improves standard of education. Cost effective method to monitor student data, affordable even for schools on rural area.

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